Comfort In Nothing

by Spurn

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flightoficarus (Metal Trenches)
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) thumbnail
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) Maniacal riffs and disconcerting time signatures assault the listener like repeated kicks to the ribs.  This sounds like the lovechild of Converge and Ulcerate.  I don't think I've ever heard a release in the genre of this caliber when it comes to both musicianship and sheer noise.  Spurn take dissonance to new levels, but never at the expense of strong songwriting. Favorite track: Quota to Meet.
Andrej Romić
Andrej Romić thumbnail
Andrej Romić Rose from the ashes of Okazaki Fragments, Spurn is a fine change and a spot on band. Dissonant, extreme and dark techy metal. Like it. Favorite track: No Safety.
Sekator thumbnail
Sekator I remember when extreme music used to sound dangerous...instead of just being give-the-masses-what-they-want fodder for giant festivals like Wacken.

Spurn will take you back to those dangerous times. Favorite track: Spoiled Failures.
Kronos thumbnail
Kronos When GAZA broke up (and for good reason, it seemed) a vacuum was created in the position of "most pissed-off yet socially conscious band on the planet." Spurn fills that void, with lyrics straight from 'No Absolutes in Human Suffering' and guitar work as incoherent as you'd expect from a former Okazaki Fragments axeman. Favorite track: News Feed.
Megapsychoticone thumbnail
Megapsychoticone Spurn's Unhinged guitar work, grindily delightful angst filled noisy music with a social direction should be any true young person's mantra. Hey, I'm fucking old and I love it. For the love of Nietzsche get this release! Favorite track: Reproduction.
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Comfort In Nothing


released July 19, 2016

Album recorded and Mixed by Ryan Kennedy
Mastered at New Alliance East



all rights reserved


Spurn Calgary, Alberta

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Track Name: Spoiled Failures
Abandoned, Corrupted
No Guidance, No Direction
over medicated, over protected
waste culture

we are all spoiled failures
we are we are
turning everything we to nothing
we are spoiled failures

abandoned, corrupted
no guidance no direction

we are all spoiled failures
we are we are
turning everything to nothing
we are spoiled failures

never create, we just destroy,
over medicated, over protected
waste culture, full of shit, culture of shit
we just destroy, no future

That is why I can't fucking sleep.
Track Name: Comfort In Nothing
Slaves to flesh
state of constant decay
instant trauma
or years of wasting away

a choice between a god who doesn't care
or a god who isn't there

and I have stopped loosing sleep over
things I could never know

There is no heaven
there is no hell
no reward
no punishment

There is comfort in Nothing
I have found comfort in nothing
Track Name: News Feed
Dark Days are already here
abandon hope all who enter here
hold close all the possessions you love
the time of man is over

we can't turn back time
passed the point of no return
I hope you like your sea levels high
your temperatures hot and your air poisonous and unbreathable

top 10 things to do in an apocalypse
end of days? you won't believe what happens next
passed the point of no return
mass extinction
log in and watch the world burn
feeling guilty? sign a petition

we all want to see the world
until we have to leave the house
we all want to save the world
until we have to leave the house

maybe later, slactivision
feeling guilty? Sign a petition

the worlds got baggage and we are all damaged goods
the worlds got baggage and we are all just damaged goods.
Track Name: Reproduction
I hate that you even exist
let alone, have a voice a say in this world
dinosaur, misogynist, racist, creationist ignorant fossil
out of touch, this world isn't yours anymore

breathe in breath out
for the last time
your death rattle is music to my ears
the death of your generation
the death of your ideals
the world isn't yours anymore
so just die

and then there is your kids
to stupid to pull out
threatening to out breed us all
go forth and multiply
build a brave new world
that caters to stupidity
until I don't fit in anymore

this world isn't yours anymore
it's not yours to fuck up
to ruin for whoever comes next
think past yourself, think past your kids.
Track Name: Obsolete
Your faith is
nothing but a cornered animal
growing more desperate
growing more violent

your fingers pointed to the east
they are the crazy ones? they are the fanatics?
while you speak in tongues slain by the holy spirit
it is not their religion you fear
it is your own hypocrisy
you are the same

You're no different you're the same thing
you're no better you are exactly the same

As you fall from the grace
you never had, you never will
I watch your faith become obsolete
Track Name: Quota to Meet
How do you reconcile
being human and being a cop
you can't be both

poverty isn't a crime
we don't need you

All cops are bad
police aren't people
Track Name: No Next Time
how many times will you look away
until it comes full circle
controversy where there is consensus

There won't be a next time

turn a blind eye
head buried in the sand
look the other way
even if it's in your face

face to face with disaster
ignorance is a cancer
let it grow and consume
pretending this isn't the end

there won't be a next time
Track Name: Old Man
Out of touch and irrelevant
I am having trouble keeping up

Every scream feels like the last
the chords could break, on borrowed time

Hate to break it you got old
it's not wisdom you got old

broken lungs, insecure
that i've got nothing left to say
until blood pours from my mouth
or something finally gives in my brain
Track Name: No Safety
Safety is an illusion
freedom isn't real
How do we sleep at night
on the cusp of disaster

one decision could end it all
and it probably should

they say there's nothing to hide
they'll decide

I'm not part of this world
I'm a product of it

a world on the cusp of disaster
how do we sleep at night

your secrets aren't safe
you are not safe
Track Name: Refugees
Leave the rubble with the ones who made it

you can't compare your life to theirs
where's your empathy?
if you left your sheltered lives
for just one night then you would know

the definition of privileged

you dare to judge? tell them how it is
or what you would do in their shoes
the definition of privileged
redneck scum

Leave the rubble with the ones that made it

If I was you, I would be
just like you
I would be a refugee
we would all be refugees